The admission criteria of Harvard - the work environment of Google

Why Join CyberSoph?

The CyberSoph family is not intended for everyone – not even most. We demand excellence and are unapologetic about our rigorous standards. We must insist on such as we deliver nothing less for the clients we diligently serve. The CyberSoph family is indifferent to race, sex, religion or sexual orientation and we always encourage anyone who believes they have the skills to apply to be part of our family. At the same time, we maintain a sharp eye for the most innovative and well-versed specialists in the disciples practiced in the rendition of our professional services.

Present Opportunities

We Presently Have No Career Opportunities Available

Employee Benefits

Word is out that bearing a CyberSoph badge has its benefits! If money means everything, CyberSoph does pay its teammates over twice the compensation of what the market bears! While this may seem impressive, we aren’t as we are looking for talent that is exceptional compared to the market and thus, so is the compensation. As the global go-to agency and curators of- competitive advantages, we must demand nothing but top-notch talent. Aside from what our founders deem to be proper compensation for our associates’ exquisite skill sets, CyberSoph teammates are akin to family. The founding partners take enormous pride in fostering the personal growth and coaching of our associates. Personal enrichment and mentoring are commonplace, along with catered lunches on Fridays as well as flashy and fun-filled corporate outings!

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