Data Extractionist / Scraper

CyberSoph is seeking a data extractionist extraordinaire – a passionate command-line developer possessing the unique skill set and problem solving skills required to successfully extract, or “scrape”, specified data sets embedded within PDF documents or web pages, using common scripting languages such as Python, C/C++ or Perl, to name a few.  The ideal candidate will also possess *NIX system administration skills and be proficient with a LAMP stack.  Bonus points to applicants who are comfortable storing/retrieving the data that is extracted into mySQL and interfacing with a RESTful API to disseminate the data as requested.

We are less impressed with an applicant’s educational background or their work experience – we are likewise blind to race, gender, religion or what you may or may not look like.  Instead, we are curious about your passion for your skills and abilities, to-be-showcased by you in our fun and rewarding “CyberSoph DevChallenge” – which affords all qualified applications to prove their abilities among their applicant peers.

Aside from our respectful compensation and annual bonus on Eid, CyberSoph team members always enjoy free meals on Fridays and other nifty perks!  Ready to prove yourself?  Great!  Just click the "Apply Now" button below and complete some basic information so we can learn more about you personally and professionally.  We are excited to get to know you!

Carrier Summary


Full Time

50000 - 120000 PKR

Apply Before Sep 30, 2020

Posted 5 months ago

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